Our Residential Services

Structural / Architectural Design, Construction Drawings, Cost Estimates, Contract Specifications

We support the full services needed to build your dream, from initial conception to the final approval by you of the constructed building.


Code approval Structural Inspections

We support the inspection of buildings for code conformity and we prepare the inspection report for submittal to the local municipal agency for approval of the code conformity.


Relocation inspection

We inspect the building for structural integrity for relocation companies.


Insurance investigation inspections 

We support the inspection of buildings from roof to foundation for code conformity or insurance structural issues as needed.


Residential construction
we support the construction of individual residential buildings either new or remodeling construction projects, from the planning stage to the management of the construction and final acceptance by the owner or contractor as needed. 


Fire Escape Inspections

If your building has a fire escape that is up for the five year maintenance code inspection or if the fire escape needs to be repaired, we can inspect and submit a report in 24 hours.