What You Might Like to Know About Our Company

 Alpine Design & Inspections was founded in 1996 by Robert Bosko Plechas with the objective of providing the best engineering services in and around South East Wisconsin. Even years later, our company still stands behind this claim. All Alpine Design & Inspections employees strictly believe in our motto: The more challenging the work, the more motivated we are. We consistently work on improving our service so that we can find the best solution for our customers.

Regardless of whether you need a detailed plan for a building, remodeling design, upgrade an existing building: Alpine Design & Inspections is your reliable partner for all your structural and Architectural engineering needs. Our many years of experience in this industry have provided us with many long-term business relationships which we continuously cultivate. Due to these good relationships and our desire to meet the needs of our clients, Alpine Design & Inspections is continuously striving to improve our performance to get the results that are expected by our clients. We are dedicated to be certain that you get the results that you expect.


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